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46 in 1 Patriot Tool - Limited Edition Multi-tool


Our 46 in 1 Multi-tool has it all! 

  • Stainless Steel 46 in 1 Multi-Tool
  • Limited Edition American Flag design
  • Leather Storage Pouch
  • Detachable Money Clip

Perfect tool for those outdoor AND indoor enthusiasts alike! Our multi-tool is made of 420 stainless- steel and heat treated for corrosion resistance. Though it’s light weight, only 1oz, it’s extremely durable! Comes in a handy carrying pouch with a money clip. Rest assured you are getting a quality product! There's no need to carry around extra bulky or even multiple items. You can have 46 items in 1 handy credit card sized multi- tool. Our stainless-steel multi-tool will fit conveniently in your wallet, purse, backpack or EVEN your pocket! You can open up a bottle of your favorite beverage with ease! Open up a cardboard box without the added hassle of hunting down a box knife. Measure distance on a map or just simply draw a straight line! You won't want to be without this handy multi-tool again!