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Techna Clip Beretta Nano Rh Blk

The Techna Clip is an excellent carry option that eliminates the excess bulk often found with IWB Holster. Techna Clips are well made using high quality carbon steel and install in mere seconds. This easy to use carry option is versatile and economical to suite any shooters needs. Easily carry IWB or Pocket Carry with the Techna Clip. Pack heat easier, with one of the popular Techna Clip models. This clip installs on the right side of the gun, order today and show your friends how much easier it is to conceal and carry without the hassle

Features :
  • Right Hand
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • No Added Bulk, Nothing Extra to Carry
  • Makes Your Gun Truly Concealable Anywhere You Can Clip It On
  • Fastens directly to gun
  • Fits Beretta Nano pistol